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Quest Diagnostics Data Breach Class Action

Quest Diagnostics reported that hackers infiltrated AMCA, its payment processing service. They stole payment information of 11.9 million customers, including their credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and cardholder names. They also stole some medical information, although those details are still unclear.

What to Do if You Used Quest Diagnostics

If you used Quest Diagnostics’ services, you may be among the millions of people whose information was stolen. Quest has not yet notified individual customers who were affected. The company did note in June 2019 that the breach only affected customers who had their bills sent to collections. Still, those who used a credit card at Quest – regardless of whether their bill went to collections – are urged to contact CaseyGerry to protect their rights. 

Contact CaseyGerry About a Quest Diagnostics Data Breach Class Action

Quest and AMCA have failed to protect those they serve. This data breach could impact victims for years to come. Our experienced attorneys are investigating this data breach issue as a class action. Contacting the firm today will help you protect your legal rights and understand the next steps.

The oldest plaintiffs’ law firm in San Diego, CaseyGerry’s vast experience in class action litigation has won millions, sometimes billions, in financial recoveries for clients. 

Some of CaseyGerry’s recent class action recoveries include: 

  • $5 billion settlement in the Exxon Valdez oil spill class action lawsuit
  • $300 million settlement in Chrysler Dodge-Jeep Ecodiesel® litigation 
  • $32 million settlement in Bank of America robo-calling case

CaseyGerry is currently involved in several nationwide data breach class actions, including Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation and Marriott International Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation. As a leader in many class actions, the firm spearheads those litigations for the plaintiffs and remains up-to-date on all the details. In addition to their attorneys, each client gets the practicing power of certified private investigators and expert staff.

We welcome you to contact our firm today if you may have used a credit card to pay for Quest Diagnostics’ services. We will schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a class action attorney who has proven knowledge, experience, and a commitment to justice. Our team is available 24/7 to discuss this matter.

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