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San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Our Attorneys Have Decades Of Experience In Bicycle Accident Cases.

A person riding a bicycle is no match for a negligent driver on the road. Despite the added vulnerability of bikes, a report found that 32 percent of Americans over age three rode a bicycle at least one day in the past year. The number of people bicycling to work also increased in the U.S. by 64 percent from 2000 to 2012. Tragically, a careless or unpredictable mistake by a person in a motor vehicle can cause a deadly bicycle accident in a single moment.

As San Diego’s oldest plaintiff’s law firm, we have been protecting the rights of catastrophically injured bike riders for decades. Our attorneys also represent families whose loved ones were killed in crashes involving careless motorists. We apply our vast experience with cutting edge technology to determine how each collision happened and the negligence that caused it. CaseyGerry has recovered seven-figure results for clients hurt in bicycle crashes.

A Commitment of Compassion and Strength

When a person is injured or killed in a bicycle accident, the consequences reach far beyond the medical bills and crash-related expenses. The impact on the person’s family is also catastrophic. As their advocates, we help people face these devastating tragedies while bringing our extensive experience, track record of results, and collision knowledge to their case.

Bicycle Accident Cases

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Relentless Investigators

At CaseyGerry, we pride ourselves in undertaking thorough investigations and analyses, leaving no stone unturned and committing to holding responsible parties accountable. Using our time-tested investigation process, we help victims and their families maximize their recovery of damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and fair compensation for their pain and suffering. We stay aware of any changes to state and federal laws and court systems that may affect their cases. Most importantly, our firm treats each person we help with compassion, because we know what they’re going through.

Types of Bicycles We Litigate

Non-Motorized Bicycles: A two-wheeled cycle with fully operative, human-powered pedals and no motor.

Motorized Bicycles: Any two-wheeled cycle with fully operative human-powered pedals, an electric motor with a power output of no more than 1,000 watts, and a maximum speed capability of 20 mph.

CaseyGerry also represents people injured in motorcycle crashes. For more information on our motorcycle cases, click here.

CaseyGerry has spent decades representing bicyclists who have been injured and families of those killed as a result of someone else’s negligence.

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