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San Diego Aviation Accident Attorneys

Over 50 Years Aviation Litigation Experience

Experience When It Matters Most

As San Diego’s oldest plaintiff’s law firm, we have extensive experience representing the people and families tragically effected by serious aviation accidents. We use that experience to navigate the complexity of aviation cases. This includes understanding various factors that might have been involved, from poor maintenance or faulty parts to air traffic controller or pilot error. We coordinate the pursuit of these cases with ongoing governmental investigations to gain access to wreckage and other evidence as soon as possible. We also bring together a team of experts to analyze and reconstruct the incident, to find out what happened, who is responsible, and who must be held accountable.

First-Hand Knowledge

At CaseyGerry, we are at the forefront of aviation litigation. We have handled aviation cases involving small and large airplanes, helicopters, gliders, parachutes, pilot training, chartered flights, air races, banner towing operations, and more.

Additionally, several of our attorneys have completed private ground school and have been in the cockpit, including Scott Cummins who flew as a licensed pilot and has specialized in aviation litigation for more than 40 years. Working with Scott Cummins, our aviation team includes managing partner David S. Casey, Jr., Robert J. Francavilla (San Diego Trial Lawyer of the Year 2016), Jason C. Evans and Adam B. Levine.

Compassionate and Strong

When a crash occurs, whether it is a small private aircraft or a massive airliner, it has a catastrophic impact on families. In helping families face these devastating tragedies, we are able to bring our extensive experience, history of results and aviation knowledge to bear on our clients’ behalf. Our firm is in its 70th year and we have the resources to represent our clients against defendants and corporations that can be powerful and financially strong.

Our Commitment to Clients

We understand the complexities of aviation law and work closely with our clients to help them find answers. Having litigated many cases, we help our clients through the challenges that present themselves, like coordinating litigation with ongoing investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board, fighting legal issues including preemption, and analyzing highly technical issues of maintenance and flight procedures, weather patterns, and computer and engine performance. We work with the leading experts in the United States to address these and other issues.

Multi-Million Dollar Cases

CaseyGerry has been handling complex aviation accident litigation for more than 50 years, helping families and individuals move forward after high-profile incidents, including the Reno Air Show catastrophe, Asiana Airlines disaster in San Francisco and San Diego’s historic PSA crash.

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Additional Information Below:

Asiana airlines flight 214 San Fran Airport

Common Factors in Crashes

  • Engine or component failure
  • Maintenance or inspection failure
  • Onboard system or flight procedure failure
  • Design, manufacturing or warning defect
  • Human Error
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Aviation Case Results

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Steps To Take Following An Airplane Crash

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Relentless Investigators

At CaseyGerry, we pride ourselves on thorough investigations and analysis, leaving no stone unturned and holding the responsible parties accountable. Using our time-tested and proven process, we help victims and their families maximize their recovery of damages, including lost wages, medical expenses, and fair compensation for their pain and suffering. We move quickly, stay aware of any changes to state and federal laws and court systems that affect our clients — and most importantly, we treat each client with compassion through their loss and trauma.

With more people getting on airplanes each year, the likelihood of unforeseen disaster increases.When a crash occurs – whether it is of a small private aircraft or a massive airliner – catastrophic injury and wrongful death often ensue. Families who face these outcomes often search for answers. At CaseyGerry we work closely with our clients to find them.

Aviation Blog

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Types of Aircrafts in cases we have litigated:

Private Aircrafts
Small private planes are involved in the most crashes of all aircraft types. Unfortunately, crashes involving these small aircraft result in the most fatalities of all aircraft accidents.

Banner Towing Aircrafts
Banner towing operations involve planes flying at low altitudes over highly populated areas, like beaches. Towing banners puts extra stress on the plane’s engine.

Commercial Aircrafts
Commercial airline crashes may involve human error by pilots, crew, or airtraffic controllers, as well as improper maintenance and inspection procedures, and the defective design, manufacturing, or installation of parts and systems.

Helicopters used for personal, business, or military purposes require specialized skill and expertise to operate and maintain.

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