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San Diego, California Lawyers for Regional Pain Syndrome Victims

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a rare, long-term and sometimes lifelong condition that involves unexplained searing pain in a person’s limb after an injury. Relatively little is known about CRPS and why it affects only some individuals, but it is believed to result from damage to the nervous system. In addition to prolonged and debilitating pain, CRPS is characterized by swelling and changes in skin color, texture, and/or temperature. Those who suffer from the chronic symptoms of CRPS are often unable to complete daily tasks and do what they once loved, and are sometimes not even believed.

CRPS Cases Resulting from a Preventable Situation

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome affects more than one million Americans. For some, the condition developed as a result of a preventable injury caused by someone else’s careless action. Whether an automobile accident, falling incident, medical error or other event involving negligence, CRPS is even more devastating when it might have been prevented.

Lawyers for Regional Pain Syndrome Victims

CaseyGerry has successfully represented people who developed CRPS from a variety of personal injury situations including unsafe premises, auto accidents, and more.

In one case, CaseyGerry’s client was walking on a pool deck where the non-slip surface had worn away. She slipped, fell to the cement, and sprained her ankle. The injury developed into CRPS shortly after the incident.

Another client was rear-ended in his car by a semi-truck. He sustained a catastrophic hand injury that has not fully healed even after multiple surgeries. The man now suffers from CRPS as well as PTSD and depressive disorder stemming from the crash.

In yet another case, a client slipped and fell on a slope with loose gravel at a rustic, outdoor gardening shop, which caused a sprained ankle.  Shortly thereafter, she developed CRPS.

When you or a family member is suffering from a condition as painful as CRPS, an experienced and knowledgeable legal advocate can help. While no one can change what happened, the attorneys at CaseyGerry can hold responsible parties accountable and obtain compensation for long-term care. We welcome you to contact our firm at (619) 238-1811 or fill out our online form to speak with an attorney. California’s statute of limitations restricts the amount of time an injured person may file a lawsuit, so it’s important to act immediately.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Cases

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Common CRPS causes

  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Medical negligence during surgery or another medical procedure
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