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Class Action

Einstein Healthcare Data Breach

January 28, 2021 Class Action,Data Breaches

In October of 2020, Einstein Healthcare Network started contacting patients information them of a data breach that occurred between August 5 and August 17, 2020.

The company noticed that several employee emails had been accessed by an unauthorized user.

Robinhood Blocks Stock Denying Customers the Benefits of the Trade

January 28, 2021 Class Action

GameStop and AMC are the latest stock trophies in the raging movement of ‘Nerds’ vs. Wall Street. The battle has caused volatile market activity and a surge in the value of stocks for no other reason than a conscious push by a group.

CaseyGerry Files Class Action Suit in US Fertility Data Breach

January 27, 2021 Class Action,Data Breaches

CaseyGerry has filed a Class Action suit on behalf of those impacted by the US Fertility LLC data breach which exposed highly personal and sensitive information of patients across the country seeking medical help for infertility.

Class Actions Mount Following Massive Data Breach

October 21, 2016 Blog,Class Action

Internet giant Yahoo is facing mounting lawsuits following a massive data breach. Read More.

One of the Internet’s oldest email services, Yahoo has more than one billion monthly users.

Last month, Yahoo announced it had been the victim of 2014 breach in which at least 500 million Yahoo accounts were stolen from the company in  an unprecedented  hack – possibly by a state-sponsored actor.

More Scandals, Recalls Rock the Auto Industry

October 27, 2015 Blog,Class Action

From the VW emissions scandal to mounting Takata airbag defects, recalls continue to mount in the auto industry.

In the latest recall to rock the industry, auto giant Toyota has announced it’s fourth recall since 2009 linked to faulty power window switches, recalling 6.5 million vehicles globally.

Class Actions Filed After VW’s Fraudulent Exhaust Emissions Testing Exposed

September 27, 2015 Blog,Class Action

The nearly half a million Americans who own diesel powered Volkswagen cars impacted by the growing emissions scandal are still uncertain as to how their vehicles will be fixed.

Meanwhile, class action lawsuits are expected to mount as car owners realize they have been deceived – and that the resale values of their autos have been seriously impacted. 

Is it Really Made in the USA?

July 18, 2014 Blog,Class Action

It’s the gold standard for many consumers: Made in the U.S.A. But despite the labeling, was your product really made here?  Perhaps not.

Facing charges of deceptive labeling, high-end denim company Citizens of Humanity LLC and retailer Macy’s Inc.

Maker Aware of 40% Failure in Hip Implant

By Barry Meier

Published: January 22, 2013

An internal analysis conducted by Johnson & Johnson in 2011 not long after it recalled a troubled hip implant estimated that the all-metal device would fail within five years in nearly 40 percent of patients who received it, newly disclosed court records show.