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Terminix/Master Global Holdings Data Breach

October 14, 2020 Blog,Data Breaches

Terminix and Master Global Holdings have reported a data breach that has affected almost 15,000 previous and current employee compromising sensitive information such as Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Employment dates, and 401K information such as balance and name of provider.

U.S. Bank Data Breach

October 2, 2020 Blog,Data Breaches

When individuals put their trust in a banking institution, they rightfully expect the strongest security possible to protect their money and personal information against theft. Unfortunately, a crime targeting U.S. Bank has threatened the financial security, credit score, and identity of their customers.

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Blackbaud Data Breach

September 23, 2020 Blog,Data Breaches

Data breaches are an ever-growing danger as our world becomes increasingly digitized. That’s why it’s of paramount importance for companies storing sensitive information to have the strongest security possible against cybercrimes.

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Online Retailers and Facilitators No Longer Immune to Liability Suits

September 17, 2020 Blog

Last year, Amazon, the online retail giant, was in the media spotlight for its inability or refusal to vet the products sold on its platform. A Wall Street Journal investigation found over 4000 mislabeled, unsafe, and banned products on Amazon’s Marketplace.

Preventing Hot Car Deaths

July 1, 2020 Blog

Warm-weather plans may look different this year with safety guidelines still in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus. However, like every summer, a dangerous and potentially fatal situation still threatens our children: being left in hot cars.

CaseyGerry Files Class Action over Defective Eclipse RV Frames

April 24, 2020 Blog

San Diego-based law firm CaseyGerry has filed a class action against Eclipse Recreational Vehicles on behalf of consumers alleging frames in certain RVs are prone to fracture under ordinary use.

The class action alleges that several Eclipse RV models have experienced frame fracturing as soon as two years after purchase due to frames with poor quality metal and/or insufficient tensile strength.

COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes

April 22, 2020 Blog

Many nursing home facilities around the country have closed their doors to visitors in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to their elderly residents. Those living in such facilities are amongst the groups most at risk of suffering life-threatening complications from the virus.

Zantac Drug Linked to Cancer

April 16, 2020 Blog

Zantac Cancer Litigation: What You Need to Know

If you have taken Zantac or another ranitidine medication on a regular basis, you are likely wondering what the drug recall and litigation mean for you.