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Aviation Results

Plane Catches Fire Mid-Flight and the Airplane Crashes in Las Vegas, Killing Three

March 23, 2018 Aviation Results

CaseyGerry’s experience with aviation law dates back to 1968 – when Dick Gerry argued this case before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). The case involved a DeHavilland Dove aircraft, which caught fire midair and crashed in Las Vegas, killing the pilot, co-pilot, and two passengers.

Pilot “Thought He Would Die” in North San Diego County Aircraft Crash

March 23, 2018 Aviation Results

An experienced pilot told a reporter he “thought he was going to die” when the plane he was flying crashed near the Warner Springs Gliderport in North San Diego County. CaseyGerry’s client was flying a Piper Pawnee and towing a glider plane when the glider pilot lost control.

Navy Seal Killed by Premature Deployment of Parachute

March 23, 2018 Aviation Results

In 2014, a decorated Navy SEAL based in Coronado was killed during a training mishap. The SEAL was in the process of getting his qualification as jumpmaster. He was standing in the open doorway of the C-130 performing standard in-flight jumpmaster duties requiring him to lean his torso out of the doorway.

Helicopter Damaged by Fire Truck

March 21, 2018 Aviation Results

A helicopter owned by Evergreen Helicopters on display at a firefighting expo was hit by a fire truck, sparking a lawsuit when the City of San Diego refused to pay for the repairs.

Navy Pilot Killed While Ejecting from a Crashing Phantom F4

March 21, 2018 Aviation Results

A United States Navy pilot lost his life when an F-4 Phantom – an aircraft known as the Navy’s fastest, highest flying and longest-range fighter – was taking off from the famous USS Midway.

Two Helicopters Crash While Flying Too Close Together Over Catalina

March 20, 2018 Aviation Results

When two military helicopters crashed in the ocean off Santa Catalina Island in 1993, a well-known civilian photographer and a marine pilot were killed and four marines rescued. Our client, a graduate of the U.S.

Airplane Crashes When the Engine Fails During a Grand Canyon Sightseeing Tour

March 15, 2018 Aviation Results

In April 1990, during an excursion flight over the Grand Canyon, a small plane’s engine failed, injuring six passengers and the pilot.

We represented passengers who sued Grand Canyon Airlines and others responsible for the manufacture, maintenance and operation of the Cessna T207.