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How to pick the best law firm: Removing the financial burden of attaining justice with a contingency fee structure

April 10, 2021 Blog,Personal injury

In personal injury law, common practice is to represent clients on a contingency fee basis. Many injured clients are unable to pay attorney fees and may not be able to get legal representation without the option of contingency-based fees.

Bicycle Injuries

April 8, 2021 Bicycle Accidents,Blog

CaseyGerry has represented many plaintiffs who sustained injuries while riding bicycles. We have seen so many situations where cars drive directly into bike lanes and strike bicyclists without ever recognizing what they were doing.

CaseyGerry: Leadership in Drug Litigation

April 7, 2021 Blog

Partner Frederick Schenk concentrates his practice on serious personal injury and products liability, including pharmaceutical litigation. Schenk, who has been with CaseyGerry for 38 years and in practice for 42 years, has been twice recognized by Best Lawyers as San Diego’s Trial Lawyer of the Year in the area of mass torts and class action litigation in 2014 and 2018.

Business Insider-A new lawsuit could change how Amazon does business with 3rd-party sellers forever

March 31, 2021 Ecommerce,News Articles

CaseyGerry partner Jeremy Robinson recently spoke to Business Insider on McMillan v. and how it could change how Amazon and other e-tailers do business with third-party sellers. In McMillan v.

Compensatory Damages In California Personal Injury Cases

March 31, 2021 Personal Injury Blog

There are many kinds of damages or compensation you may be entitled to following a personal injury accident. One of the most common types is compensatory damages. They are awarded to compensate a plaintiff (victim) for actual expenses and losses caused by an accident.

What Is The Difference Between Bodily Injury and Personal Injury?

March 30, 2021 Personal Injury Blog

After an accident, you may have heard the terms bodily injury and personal injury when filing your claim. While they may sound similar and be used interchangeably, they are different legal concepts. 

How to pick the best law firm – Look for the leader

March 29, 2021 Blog,Personal injury

If we have learned anything in our 74-years of representing individuals and families who have suffered serious injury and/or experienced loss, it is that the right or wrong representation will affect the outcome.

Can a Personal Injury Case Be Reopened? 

In most situations, once you accept a settlement offer by signing a liability release, you are in effect relinquishing your right to reopen or pursue that personal injury claim further. The liability release legally binds you to comply with the conditions of receiving compensation.

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