Consider a construction project with all of its moving parts: equipment, contractors and subcontractors, suppliers, building owners and prospective tenants.

Then think about others that might be affected by such a project – from passing motorists to delivery people. At any point, something could go wrong, leading to property damage or personal injury as a result of negligent construction. That’s where CaseyGerry comes in, applying our expertise in personal injury and premises liability litigation gleaned from nearly 70 years  in San Diego.

Our team of experienced attorneys and investigators can assist plaintiffs, be it a passing pedestrian struck by a falling piece of metal or a worker on a job site where OSHA standards have been ignored. We are able to evaluate contracts to determine who is at fault among the parties involved and to recoup losses incurred due to delays or defects. Our team of consultants can help examine designs as we attempt to uncover safety hazards that may have led to injuries or death.

At CaseyGerry, we take our responsibility seriously – and work tenaciously to get the very best outcome for our clients. It is not just about lost wages and medical bills, but about being compassionate while negotiating with insurance companies, builders and subcontractors to cover the costs of pain and suffering or changes in a client’s quality of life.

Our knowledge comes from years of  experience in the construction negligence field.

Our talented team uses their vast resources, experience and state of the art  investigative techniques to achieve justice for our clients. If you or a family member has been injured because of construction negligence, please contact CaseyGerry.

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