The American Burn Association reports that each year, there are more than one million serious burn injuries in this country.

Severe burns – which can result from fires, auto accidents defective products, negligent landlords and more — are some of the most devastating injuries a person can suffer. In addition to being excruciatingly painful, burns can leave a person permanently disabled and disfigured and in some instances be fatal.

While most burn injuries are associated with fire, there are numerous other types of injuries from other sources of heat, including electrical burns, caused by live wires and electrical outlets and chemical burns, caused by products such as acids or solvents.

There are also various degrees of burn severity — from the relatively mild first degree, to third degree burns which impact deeper tissues.

Whatever type of burn you may suffer, there are many serious physical and emotional consequences and the attorneys at CaseyGerry can help. We have specialized in personal injury law for more than 70 years and have helped numerous burn victims and their families cope with debilitating loss. For more information or a consultation on your case please contact us.

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