Maria Kelly, President of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego (CASD), interviewed CaseyGerry Partner David S. Casey, Jr. for the January 2018 issue of Trial Bar News. The two discussed David’s late father and the legacy that stemmed from his legendary law practice. David and Maria also talked about the importance of a lawyer’s resiliency, flexibility, and taking the time to build a relationship with each client. Click here to read the full article in Trial Bar News.

“In our practice, there’s no client whose case is too small for me to pay proper attention to, because I measure our firm by how we treat each individual client; and I mean that seriously. That’s what I preach at my firm. My dad taught me when clients went out of his office, he made them feel important. That their case was important. That they were important. And so that I think has been kind of a touchstone in my career is when somebody walks in my office, I want to really let them know that our feelings are real, and I want them to know that we’re passionate.” David S. Casey, Jr.

Over his 40-year legal career, David has been successful in representing plaintiffs against both single individuals and major national corporations. He obtained a confidential settlement with the tobacco industry in 2018 on behalf of the family of baseball legend Tony Gwynn, a longtime smokeless tobacco user who died of cancer. David also represented the family of linebacker Junior Seau and has helped raise awareness about concussion safety in the NFL. Recently, David was appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in In re: Volkswagen “Clean Diesel” multidistrict litigation, overseeing the coordinated legal action against Volkswagen over its diesel emissions scandal. He is the recipient of more than 60 awards and is a member of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego’s Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame.

Maria is the founder of Kelly Law and this year’s President of CASD. Trial Bar News is the organization’s monthly legal publication. It features topics of critical importance to practicing trial lawyers including discovery, civil procedure, insurance law, employment law, tort law, products liability, and others.

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