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Signs Of Medical Malpractice

August 24, 2022 Personal injury

Becoming a victim of medical malpractice in San Diego is a nightmare scenario for any patient. Doctors hold unique positions of trust in our lives, and when that trust is broken, a very difficult situation arises for patients. Sometimes, a doctor’s bad conduct causes a patient to be physically injured, and in these cases, medical malpractice lawsuits arise. 

Medical malpractice lawsuits exist not only to fully and fairly compensate patient victims, but also to hold doctors accountable for their errors, mistakes, and failures. However, you may be unsure as to whether you have a valid claim for medical malpractice, as malpractice takes expert opinions to prove. That’s where a good San Diego medical malpractice lawyer comes in. Lawyers can assist you in investigating and evaluating your case, and in turn, determine whether you may be entitled to compensation. 

San Diego medical malpractice lawyer

In this blog post, we’ll explain some of the basic signs of medical malpractice. If you find yourself identifying with any of these warning signs, you should contact a personal injury attorney in San Diego as soon as possible. 

(1) Unexpected side effects

Before performing a medical procedure, doctors are required to obtain a patient’s informed consent, which means that they take the time to explain all of the risks and side effects associated with the procedure. If you begin experiencing a side effect that wasn’t mentioned by your doctor, that seems unrelated to your procedure, or which is worse than your initial problem, you may have been affected by medical malpractice. 

(2) Second opinion different from your diagnosis 

It’s not uncommon for patients to seek a second opinion, especially when a diagnosis is serious or life-altering. In fact, many doctors encourage patients to seek out second opinions when they’re sure that they’ve been reasonable and competent in treating and diagnosing the patient. If, when receiving a second opinion, the doctor tells you something dramatically different than your first doctor, it may be a sign that the first doctor was negligent if you have suffered damages resulting from the initial diagnosis. 

(3) Lack of follow-up communication

If a doctor or hospital realizes that they may have committed medical negligence, it is common for their legal teams to advise them to avoid communicating with the affected patient. In other words, getting “ghosted” by your doctor is not normal, and is almost certainly a sign that something wrong has occurred. 

(4) No improvement in symptoms or worsening symptoms

If your symptoms continue to persist or begin worsening, while you are being treated for those symptoms, that could be a sign that your initial diagnosis was incorrect, or that your treatment regimen isn’t working correctly. While this isn’t always a tell-tale sign of malpractice, it may be a good idea to seek a second opinion to see how another doctor evaluates your symptoms and prognosis. 

If you or a loved one has experienced any of these signs of medical malpractice, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Our San Diego medical malpractice team is proud to offer free consultations to prospective clients, and we represent medical malpractice plaintiffs with no upfront fees at all. Contact us today to set up an appointment.