Pilots Seriously Injured in Airplane Crash from Faulty Fuel Gauge

On June 28, 2013, two pilots flew from Carlsbad, Calif., to Eagle, Colo., in a Piper Comanche equipped with a recently installed flight instrument (JPI EDM-930) designed to be a total engine management system and to replace the analog fuel gauges in the plane. CaseyGerry alleged the instrument failed to provide accurate fuel display as well as the FAA required low fuel level warnings to the pilots. Upon final descent, the EDM-930 displayed 11 gallons of fuel in the plane’s left main tank. It was empty. The case involved trouble shooting the sophisticated software in the digital engine management system by our team of software experts.

CaseyGerry attorneys Robert Francavilla, Scott Cummins and Jason Evans represented the clients in the case against the instrument manufacturer.

AWARD: Confidential settlement

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