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Marking one of the highest San Diego motorcycle crash verdicts in Federal Court history, CaseyGerry attained a $5.4 million verdict against the United States government in favor of motorcyclist John B. Hendrickson – whose severe injuries due to a serious collision with an on-duty U.S. border patrol agent resulted in a leg amputation.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle deaths soared by 5.1 % in 2016. And data from the Governors Highway Safety Association says more than 5,000 motorcycle riders died on the road in 2015. In California, motorcycle deaths represent 17% of all road fatalities.

But if you are the one injured or the relative of someone killed in a motorcycle crash, the numbers don’t matter. What matters is what’s ahead – costs of care, fighting with insurance companies, tracking down police reports, figuring out the future.

Our team at CaseyGerry is dedicated to helping our clients navigate their way through the maze, not just with legal support but also by understanding and having compassion for their circumstances.

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