Victim Awarded $950,000 Following Accident Involving Carelessly Operated Big Rig

CaseyGerry represented a motorist who was seriously injured after a big rig driver drove his 30,000-pound semi-tractor into stopped traffic on the I-215 freeway. The big rig driver was traveling at a speed greater than 30 miles per hour and hit multiple vehicles – totaling a pick-up truck directly behind him that sustained the initial impact.

As a result of the high impact collision, the pickup’s driver was seriously injured and subsequently suffered severe depression, social isolation, and suicidal actions.

During the mediation session, Thomas D. Luneau was able to prove that the physical and mental damage his client received has been life-altering, forever compromising his employment options and personal circumstances.

Luneau reached a $950,000 out of court settlement and says he hopes this settlement will impress upon other interstate trucking companies the vital importance of safe driving standards.

Settlement: $950,000