Verdict Upheld in Marshalls Case

Following an appeal by retailing giant Marshalls Department Store, a CaseyGerry client was awarded $300,852.00 to cover medical costs, economic damages and lost earnings following a serious accident.

A more than $300,000 verdict in a serious slip and fall case was recently upheld in a unanimous decision by the 4th District Court of Appeals, following an appeal by  defendant, Marshalls Department Store.

CaseyGerry partner Frederick Schenk helped his client, Sylvia Church, obtain more than $300,000 in damages following injuries suffered after a serious fall at a Marshalls store. “We proved that Ms. Church suffered due to the defendant’s negligence,” said Schenk, who worked with attorney Jeremy K. Robinson on the case. “The jury found Marshalls 100 percent liable for her injuries, awarding her $300,852.00 to cover medical costs, economic damages and lost earnings.”  Marshalls pre-trial offer was $7,000.00.

Following the verdict in 2010, Marshalls appealed the award, delaying justice for Church. “After more than two and a half years, we are thrilled to have finally achieved justice for our client.”

Verdict: $300,852.00