Eveland vs. City of San Marcos Traumatic Brain Injury Case Settles

Eveland vs. City of San Marcos

Settlement: $5 million

More than four years after high school student Scott Eveland collapsed on a San Marcos, Calif., football field – suffering a traumatic brain injury – CaseyGerry and attorneys for the defense reached a multi-million million settlement on his behalf in Spring 2012. CaseyGerry’s Robert J. Francavilla and David S. Casey, Jr., represented Eveland, and said the money will help support the disabled athlete for the rest of his life. More than 250 depositions were taken in this case, a record for any personal injury case in San Diego.

“This was a particularly hard case given the nature of the injury and the hard road ahead for this young man. I’m glad we were able to make a difference in the care he will receive moving forward.” — Robert J. Francavilla