Severely Injured Pedestrian Awarded $1.5 Million

E.M. vs. City of National City, et. al

CaseyGerry partner Frederick Schenk, working closely with firm associates Jillian Hayes and Briana Givens,  achieved a $1.5 million settlement on behalf of his client E.M., who was seriously injured after being hit by a car at a South Bay apartment complex. The lawsuit was filed against the City of National City as well as the driver who struck E.M., with Schenk arguing that the City of National City created a dangerous condition when it failed to protect pedestrians from being struck by vehicles at the precarious intersection of 3500 Sweetwater Road and Paseo de La Paz.

“The conditions were ripe for disaster because the City failed to provide pedestrians with adequate parking on the southside of Sweetwater Road alongside the Bonita Creek apartments and instead only allowed parking on the northside, which inevitably required pedestrians to cross the busy roadway to access the complex,” Schenk said. “As a result, my client suffered severe head trauma and permanent, life altering injury.”