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Truck Accident Injury Cases

For more than 70 years, the attorneys at CaseyGerry have been successfully representing injured people injured in truck crashes. Below are a few of the truck injury cases we have litigated and information about the negligence that led to our clients’ injuries.

Landscape Truck Causes Multi-Vehicle Crash

The driver of a gardening landscape truck braked quickly, made an evasive maneuver, and slammed into the back of a small car. The truck continued down the road, dragging the car with it. Our client tried to stop to avoid the collision, but she crashed into the left side of the truck. She sustained a severely broken sternum, a dangerous hemorrhage, and a torn rotator cuff. Her injuries led to other problems that restrict movement in her shoulder.

Truck Driver Fails to Yield on a Highway

A tractor trailer pulled onto a highway without yielding at a stop sign. He cut off our client and she smashed into the truck.

Airport Shuttle Strikes Bicycle

The driver of an airport shuttle bus was speeding and failed to yield to three bicycles. He collided with one of the riders. Our client, the man on the bike, sustained catastrophic injuries including partial paraplegia.

Truck Strikes Minivan Full of Passengers

The driver of a truck filled with industrial-sized containers was driving up an incline on Interstate 5 through the “grapevine” area. He crossed onto the shoulder and slammed into a disabled minivan filled with passengers. Our client was one of the passengers. Our client sustained a head laceration, shock, and pain in his back, leg and arm. The truck driver had previously been warned about his poor work and safety procedures and had had five previous accidents.

Truck Driver High on Drugs Kills Two

A truck driver previously convicted of drug possession was driving while high on “speed.” His erratic lane change forced a passing vehicle off the road and into oncoming traffic, killing two. One of the people killed is survived by our clients. The truck driver attempted to flee after the crash to avoid undergoing a drug test. In a sworn statement, the driver’s girlfriend revealed that he had been “high on speed” at work several times previously. The trucking company was equally responsible for allowing the driver to operate the truck.

Truck Runs Stop Sign and Kills One

A truck driver made a passing maneuver at a high speed and blew through a stop sign. A man driving a Ford F-350 collided with the truck in the intersection. Witnesses saw and heard an explosion. The driver of the F-350 was killed. One person who saw the truck driver before the crash testified that something in his hand was illuminated, appearing like a cell phone.

Shuttle Bus Strikes Pedestrian

The driver of a Rent-a-Car shuttle failed to yield to our client, a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk who had the right-of-way. The shuttle bus ran over her leg, resulting in a de-gloving injury and multiple fractures that required surgery. Our client also sustained a head injury, vertigo, hand injuries and tremor, and post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Semi-Truck Rear-Ends Car

A truck driver was returning from a four-day trip with a semi-truck towing two trailers weighing more than 26,000 each. He looked down and back up only to realize that traffic had stopped at the light ahead of him. Unable to stop in time, he rear-ended our client who was driving a Toyota Camry. The truck pushed his car into a full-size pickup, catapulting it into the intersection and into a semi-truck making a turn. Our client sustained a head injury, broken ribs, blood loss, and severe injuries to his hand including detached and broken fingers.

Man Pinned to Dock by Truck

Our client was standing at a chest-high loading dock when a truck backing in pinned him between the dock and the cargo container. The truck had no reverse drive warning sound.

Postal Truck Strikes Pedestrian

A postal worker driving his truck veered around a pickup truck making a right turn. He collided with our client who was a pedestrian crossing the road. The pedestrian’s head smashed into the windshield before he was thrown 26 feet into a parked car and onto the street. Our client sustained a head injury with loss of consciousness and brain bleed, a collapsed lung, a severely broken leg, compression vertebrae fractures, and other severe injuries. The accident also led to vertigo, memory loss and post-traumatic amnesia.

Semi-Tractor Trailer Causes Multi-Vehicle Crash

The driver of a semi-tractor trailer failed to stop for traffic on a freeway. He struck and totaled a pickup truck, shooting it forward, which struck and totaled the 1968 Valiant that our client was driving. As a result of the crash, our client suffered from severe depression, post-concussion syndrome, encephalopathy, memory deficits, and anxiety.

U-Turn by Postal Truck Causes Collision

A postal truck made an abrupt U-turn in front of our client’s motorcycle, causing him to hit the truck. He was ejected from his motorcycle. He suffered broken ribs, pain to his pelvis and right leg, and abrasions and lacerations to right hand.

Improperly Secured Crane Throws Car

On a state highway, the ball and cable of a crane being towed by a truck became dislodged and lay on the roadway. As the crane continued to travel, the cable became taught. It wrapped around our client’s car when he traveled over it, sending the car tumbling until it struck the underside of the bridge of northbound Interstate 15. Our client suffered from severe mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering, resulting in disability.

Getting Help

In each of these truck injury cases, our clients’ injuries varied substantially. However, one fact is consistently true: someone else’s carelessness led to preventable injuries. If you were injured in a collision involving a truck, CaseyGerry can protect your rights. California law limits the amount of time you have to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Acting immediately is critical.