San Diego Truck Injury Attorneys

The injuries that resulted from your truck accident knocked you off your feet. Medical bills and other related expenses might be piling up – especially if you’re out of work. The insurance companies involved might have already begun contacting you. These situations can become overwhelming. Getting strong legal representation will get you on track toward obtaining justice and much-needed compensation. Our experienced San Diego truck injury attorneys can help.


When you file a lawsuit, you only have one shot at winning. Acting quickly and conducting a thorough investigation are key. When you contact CaseyGerry, our full-time investigators begin pursuing the details of the crash right away. We preserve all available evidence. When necessary, our lawyers get help from accident reconstruction experts to get a full picture of what happened and who is at fault.

Knowledge and Understanding

For more than 70 years, CaseyGerry has been protecting the rights of injured people. Our attorneys have a full understanding of the complexities of truck crashes, including:

  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Severe property damage
  • Potential defendants
  • Lines of insurance coverage involved
  • California truck laws

On top of our depth of knowledge and aggressive investigative techniques, CaseyGerry has the resources to stand up to trucking companies. We won’t let anyone bully or intimidate our clients. Our San Diego firm aims for maximum compensation for their damages, because that is what our clients deserve.

Contact Our San Diego Truck Injury Attorneys for Help

If you were injured in a crash, contact CaseyGerry to speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer. Evidence disappears with time. Video might be erased, skid marks may disappear, road conditions may change, or a witness’s memory may fade. In addition, California limits the time you have to file a lawsuit. Contacting us today can help to protect your rights and begin the process of seeking compensation for your injuries.

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