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California Ride Sharing Crash Cases

For more than 70 years, the attorneys at CaseyGerry have been successfully representing people injured in vehicle collisions. Below are a few past cases involving ride sharing crashes that CaseyGerry has litigated.

Uber Driver Runs Stop Sign

An Uber driver was headed to pick up a rider. He ran the stop sign and darted across the road into oncoming traffic, crashing into another vehicle that had the right-of-way. The crash led the driver of the other vehicle, a 30-year-old woman, to sustain severe injuries including a shattered elbow, wrist injury, hand laceration, and a spine sprain.

Uber Driver Runs Read Light

An Uber driver with a passenger in his vehicle he ran a red light at night and was broadsided by another motorist. The driver who hit him sustained a head injury.

Uber Driver Rear-Ends Vehicle

A driver came to a stop behind traffic when an Uber driver slammed into the back of his vehicle, injuring him. Prior to the collision, the Uber driver was distracted by his cell phone while using the Uber app instead of watching the road.

Uber Driver Rear-Ends Vehicle

A motorist was stopped at a red light when an uber driver collided into the rear-end of his vehicle, injuring him.

While each of these cases differ, one fact remains the same. A crash with a ride sharing company vehicle led to unexpected and catastrophic injuries. CaseyGerry’s clients prevailed in these lawsuits, obtaining justice and compensation for their losses.

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